Lala Salama Kenya

I thought I would pay tribute to my years in Nairobi. I met some incredible families, shared in the journey and captured their memories. I was very fortunate that I never really advertised, work came my way via word of mouth and most of my clients booked me year after year. Moving back to home soil has been very grounding. I now compete with hundreds of photographers but the thing is they all so talented so its a real tough industry to break into. In Kenya, they say Pole Pole (slowly slowly) and I am booking a shoot here and a shoot there and I'm hoping that word of mouth will start producing some regular bookings with loyal clients. I love what I do....maybe that's why there are so many talented photographers who wouldn't want this job. As I look back and say Lala Salama (Good night) Kenya I am overwhelmed by how fortuanate I was to have lived there for 4 years and to have met some of these incredible familes.

Now its time to meet new familes and capture new memories.....

#familyportraits #familyphotography #newbornphotography #weddingphotography

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